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Sick Prank With Concentrated OC

We all love a good practical joke, right? Well, I’m sure that we do as long as we’re not the one who’s the brunt of the joke. Of course some pranks are pretty much harmless. You know, like sticking your drunk friends hand in a bowl of warm water while he’s passed out sleeping on the floor. Or taping a dangling spider to the underside of the toilet seat cover so that it springs out at your girlfriend when she opens it. Or… well, you get my point.

On the other end of things, you have the not-so-funny pranks. This pretty much includes anything that has to do with feces (human or otherwise) or anything that poses threat of bodily injury to whoever is going to be on the losing end of the joke. While getting concentrated oleoresin capsicum in your eyes isn’t going to blind you for life or anything, I’d still say that this one borders on going too far.

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