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Chemical Warfare Backfires on Me

So, if you read my last blog post then you  know that I have a couple cats who I’ve declared war against living under my house in the crawl space.  I did get the air horn I mentioned in that post and tried to scare the cats out from under the house with it.  Didn’t work.

I thought that I’d have to go get a new canister of pepper spray and wait with the window cracked open and then spray the cats when they show up.  That idea sounded like it would suck big time.  Who wants to sit around all day waiting to spray a couple cats with oleoresin capsicum as soon as they try to go back under your house?  Heck, I can hardly sit around with a rifle waiting to shoot a deer, which I’d at least get to eat, so the idea of waiting to spray a cat seems like a massive waste of time.

A friend of mine said I should try something different.  She said I could get some moth balls and put them under the house and stink the cats out of there.  It was like, chemical warfare and stuff.  So, of course, I loved the idea.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know exactly how bad a $6.00 box of mothballs stinks.  Now, my entire house is filled with the stench of the place.  I a quick google search tells me that I might have to .  Not good.  I think I’m probably going to have to crawl under the house now and gather those things up.  That’s just what I want to do on my off time.

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