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Don’t Expect to Breath Well

One of the less-talked about effects of getting sprayed with oleoresin capsicum is that it does a good job of shutting down one’s ability to breath. You can guess that this would help a police officer to get control of a situation. Someone that can’t breathe soon looses their ability to fight (or do pretty much anything) and a resistant suspect can be taken into custody with less trauma than would otherwise be necessary.

Shutting down the airway is accomplished in more ways than one. Oleoresin capsicum inflames the nasal passages (which are conneted to the eyes) forcing the membranes to leak fluid which clogs up the airway. It also causes the bronchial tubes to react as well with coughing and gasping being common.

Police recruits get a first-hand experience of exactly how this applies when they get their initial Oleoresin Capsicum training. In this picture you can see how this young, healthy recruit has to be assisted to the wash station as he coughs up half lung. If you’re going to be qualifying with OC anytime soon, you can expect to have the same experience. The bright side of this is that when it’s all over, and our sinus passages are thoroughly cleared out, you’ll breather better than you ever have in your whole life.
Can't Breath After Pepper Spray

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