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Funny OC Meltdown

I’m glad that my days of getting sprayed with oleoresin capsicum are over. Of course, one of the fringe benefits of having been through the OC experience is that I can really identify with others who are getting sprayed during training. If you’ve never been his with a stream of OC, then these types of videos might be a little less funny. Having been through it and knowing that things will end up just fine on the other end of the shower, it’s pretty funny to watch IMHO.

This guy is getting sprayed at a navy base. He’s not in any type of uniform and the video info says he’s not a midshipman (a student at the naval academy) so I don’t know exactly why he’s participating. It could be possible that he just hangs with people that are stationed there and asked to join in the fun. Possible, but in this age of litigation, not very likely. I can just see the commander of the base getting a nasty phone call from one of the Mothers-of-America demanding to know why people with access to military strength oleoresin capsicum are hosing her son down with it when he isn’t even a member of the military. I can’t imagine that would go down well.

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