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Grizzly Kills Man In Montana Back Country

I consider myself to be a “safe” thrill seeker. I like to ride roller-coasters, go rock climbing, snowboarding and such. Never in a thousand years, though, would I want to come face to face with a grizzly bear. These are creatures that are not happy to be around people but unlike most creatures, they don’t turn tail and run…they attack.

This is the case with a recent grizzly attack in Montana . A few hunters were out in the field looking to fill their freezer full of deer meat. Nature had other plans, however, and when confronted with a grizzly bear they ceased to be hunters and became the hunted.

Apparently, both hunters shot this beast and it kept on coming! I’d like to point out that most likely, they shot AT the grizzly and missed, because it’s doubtful that even a grizzly bear could take multiple center-mass shots from a high-powered rifle and survive. And survive it did. In fact, the dangerous bear had to be killed by authorities later.

Vicious Bear Attack

The hunters were not so lucky. One of the hunters, Steve Stevenson, died from his injuries. This probably could have been avoided if the hunters had been armed with a can of oleoresin capsicum .

The article goes on to bring to light the fact that when in the wild, you run such risks. Of particular note is the fact that in the article, the Huffington Post points out that one should carry a canister of pepper spray. I’ve pointed out previously that OC is an effective deterrent against bears and I stand by that. It’s pretty much foolish to venture into bear country without this life-saving stuff as far as I’m concerned.

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