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How OC Help Fight Illnesses Such as Pneumonia and Bronchitis

It’s pretty obvious that OC is a great non-lethal self-defense weapon. Whether you’re a police officer or someone who needs to carry some type of self-defense tool, a good can of pepper spray won’t let you down as long as you get the right kind and practice using it. But are there other things which this substance is good for? How about helping cure the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, and the common cold? Crazy, right? I thought so too…but here are some quick facts.

The active ingredient in all hot peppers is capsaicin. It’s a substance that has profound effects on multiple tissue types in the human body. The most obvious are mucus membranes. This is why getting sprayed with oleoresin capsicum causes a burning sensation while at the time firing off billions of cells in the nasal passages which begin to secreted various fluids in an attempt to clear the irritant. But the effects don’t stop there.

It has been known for a long while now that capsaicin has the curious effects of opening up blood vessels throughout the body. This applies especially to capillaries and smaller blood vessels. So when you consume something like cayenne pepper, your body responds by increasing heart rate, body temperature, and dilating blood vessels. It’s not known for sure why this is, but that doesn’t matter.

The fact is, that this can be utilized effectively in getting the active ingredients in alternative therapies and herbal remedies to the various tissues quickly. One of these methods is the use of colloidal silver or CS. This substance is produced by electrolysis of pure silver into water at a microscopic level. Silver has natural anti-biotic properties and was used by the ancient Phoenicians in their ships of their early navy to prevent onboard fresh water supplies from going stagnant. These early navigators found that just by storing the water in containers lined with silver, they could keep it fresher for longer periods of time.

Use of colloidal silver is controversial because consuming large doses for long periods of time can cause the skin to turn blue. Using it for short periods of time has not shown to be dangerous however.

Nebulizer Mask

One of the primary means of using colloidal silver effectively is by putting it into a nebulizer and inhaling it directly into the blood stream. This has shown to be effective in fighting off bacterial infections like pneumonia, bronchitis, and other lower respiratory-tract infections. It has also shown to be effective against viral pathogens such as the flu and common cold. Using a nebulizer supplied with pure oxygen seems to yield the best results.

It has been attested to that using colloidal silver in conjunction with capsaicin by consuming cayenne pepper with colloidal silver treatments. Eating a specified amount of ground cayenne both before and after the CS nebulizer treatment causes the silver to be distributed to the necessary locations more effectively, most likely due to the vascular properties of the capsaicin.

For the sake of science, I suggest that we try a more “aggressive” form of therapy. Give subjects afflicted with the common cold, flu, pneumonia, or bronchitis a full-in-the-face-spray of oleoresin capsicum before and after each colloidal silver breathing treatment and see if the effects of the therapy are enhance to any significant degree. Oh, and forgive me a cruel chuckle.

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