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Inferno Pepper Spray

While pepper spray canisters are very common these days and are legal for purchase in most states, most are not going to measure up to the impact that a canister of Inferno pepper spray can dish out.  Most pepper spray canisters are rather small and seem to be designed to carry in a purse.  Many are even small enough to be attached to a key chain.  While I appreciate the idea of carrying this defensive tool everywhere you go by default since it’s attached to a set of keys, one has to wonder how effective many of these devices can possibly be.

That’s not the case with Inferno pepper spray.  This stuff comes in a 10.5 oz canister which can accurately deliver a stream of concentrated oleoresin capsicum at distances of over 10 feet. The product is equipped with a pistol grip so it’s as easy as pointing a gun when trying to get the device into play when a hostile situation is encountered.  You can find out more about what a can of Inferno pepper spray can do by watching the video above.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that this picture seems to communicate it’s intended message very well. One guy, riding around town on his bicycle and minding his own business is confronted with a bunch of clean-cut, but very pissed, thugs. Why they’re so upset isn’t important here of course. Maybe they want his sweet bike or something. Whatever the case, Mr. Cyclist whips out a full-sized pepper spray canister and proceeds to hose down the whole lot with a power-stream of oleoresin capsicum.

Of course, you can tell that this was thought up by someone in the marketing department. Seriously. Who rides around on a bike carrying a giant can of oleoresin capsicum ? Nobody of course. Very few backpackers trucking it through the woods of Montana, where carrying a full-size OC canister is a very good idea considering the number of bears in the area, even bother to pack one of these. It’s a dynamic pic, but something more accurate would have been a picture of police in riot gear who pepper strayed Occupy Wallstreet Protestors .

Inferno Pepper Spray

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