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The New Black Panther Party Makes Me Nervous

I’m guessing that you guys have heard all about the shooting down in Florida that has everybody up in arms. People around me up here in Michigan are talking about it quite a bit. It’s true the Michigan people of Florida people have a major connection since a lot of Michigan people move down that way when they retire, yet I’m guessing that the amount of chatter on this topic across the nation is just as prevalent as it is here.

What’s really got a concern right now is the talk coming from that group known as The New Black Panther Party. Those guys really freak me out. I can get why they might be upset but the fact of the matter is that we can’t make judgment calls on what happened that night. Those people seemed pretty convinced that all the interviews they have given that they’ve already passed judgment on this Zimmerman guy. The fact that they’ve put out a bounty on the guy’s head really is something that seems to cross the line.

I really wish that the situation didn’t exist. I understand people carry guns for self-defense, but there are other things that people can use in that regard. I’m sure that if Martin really did assault him than a good canister of oleoresin capsicum would have done the trick. Instead, we have somebody dead, somebody whose life is in danger, and the nation up in arms.

One of the things that I haven’t checked into yet is whether or not it’s legal to carry oleoresin capsicum in Florida. This isn’t just a given. Pepper spray is not legal in all states for whatever reason even though concealed weapons permits are available in the majority of them. This is something that has to change. People need to have more self-defense options available them other than lethal force.I really do believe that it would cut down on the number of incidents like this and we would have less of the ridiculous diatribes by the New Black Panther Party being broadcast on national television.

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