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Oleoresin Capsicum is an Effective Deterrant Against Bears

With the population of wolves and mountain lions in North America pretty much a non-issue for humans who may be hiking, climbing, or otherwise engaging in outdoor activities, this is is not the case for bears. Other than snake bites, bear attacks attacks remain the top danger to those who love the out-of-doors.

Grizzly bears remain the top threat, but their range is limited and encounters are not common. Black bears, however, are found in a greater number of areas. While not at ornery as their Grizzly cousins, black bears can still grow to over 400 lbs. Females defending cubs can be just as vicious as a Grizzly bear.

For years, the only thing that man could bring with him into the back-woods in order to protect himself from bears was either a rifle or a large-bore revolver. The development of oleoresin-capsicum and it’s subsequent packaging into large canisters which can spray up to 20-feet away has changed all of that.

Bears respond to pepper spray in a similar manner as people do. A charging bear that gets a face full of pepper spray isn’t likely to continue the attack. For one thing, they wouldn’t be able to see in order to find the target of their rage. For another, bears have zero experience with OC and once exposed to it they go into a fearful panic. To see how effective pepper spray can be, watch the video below. I think it clearly demonstrates how a bear can be stopped cold when met with a full-force stream from a bear spray canister.

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