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Pepper Sprayed Students Should Have Known Better

So the newsfeeds are abuzz with talk about how a group of California college students got intimately acquainted with the effects of pepper spray when they decided to try and storm a meeting being held by the college trustees which was centered around the topic of raising already expensive college tuition rate. The article is awash in photos and videos of pepper sprayed Santa Monica college students .

Having been on the receiving end of a stream of oleoresin capsicum spray myself, one the one hand, I do feel bad for the students but on the other hand, I completely understand why the officers decided to up the ante in the use of force.

The crowd was simply getting out of control. There’s not denying that. In attempting to break the doors of the meeting the group began taking on a mob mentality and that type of situation can quickly escalate out of control and often ends with people getting seriously hurt.

Student recovering from pepper spray attack I found some of the statements on the part of the students to be a bit absurd. One said “People were gasping and choking,” which, of course is exactly what is suppose to happen when people get pepper sprayed. If the officers had opened fire, they would have been choking up blood and gasping their last. Good thing that it was only oc spray.

Or how about the young lady complaining that “I got pepper-sprayed without warning,” as if there is some responsibility on the part of the officers to get everyone in the mini-mob to sign an informed consent form stating that they understand that if they continue their pattern of chaotic behavior that oleoresin capsicum spray will be dispensed. Ridiculous lines of thought if you ask me.

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